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3 Matt Dillon Restaurants Will Donate Dessert Proceeds to Raquel Diaz Tomorrow

Buy madrone bark ice cream Friday night to support Raquel Diaz

Raquel Ruiz Diaz
Raquel Ruiz Diaz
Raquel Ruiz Diaz Fund

Early last month, Blaine Wetzel's (Willows Inn) fiancée, Raquel Ruiz Diaz, was hit by a drunk driver while running in Paraguay and critically injured. He set up an online fundraiser for her lengthy, costly medical expenses, which to date has raised close to $70,000, Willows Inn reports.

This Friday night, Matt Dillon restaurants Sitka and Spruce, Bar Sajor, and the Corson Building will pledge their support by offering a madrone bark ice cream and pine cookie on their dessert menus, and donating all proceeds of its sales to Raquel's Healing Fund.

The Commonwealth in San Francisco has also vowed to contribute 10% of all their tasting menu sales for the month of April, and Willows Inn itself brought in $4,500+ for the fund Monday night from ticket sales to a Paraguayan fundraising dinner there made with Diaz's mother's recipes. Wetzel was originally planning a second fundraising evening at his restaurant to follow later his month, but has changed his mind. Instead, he's electing to "send support to our fellow restaurants that have graciously offered to fundraise with us. Thanks to everyone for an amazing turnout and support of Raquel," he says.

Sitka and Spruce

1531 Melrose Avenue, , WA 98122 (206) 324-0662 Visit Website

Bar Sajor

323 Occidental Avenue S, Seattle, WA 98104

Corson Building

5609 Corson Avenue South, , WA 98108 (206) 762-3330 Visit Website