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Rachel's Ginger Beer on Capitol Hill Opening June 1

French fries, dipping sauce, and RGB floats.

RGB's Pike Place Market location.
RGB's Pike Place Market location.
Suzi Pratt

Rachel Marshall is bringing her eponymous Rachel's Ginger Beer to Capitol Hill's 12th Avenue Arts building, and Marshall says her new spot is on track for a June 1 opening.

Expect an expanded food selection compared to the Pike Place Market spot, with french fries and dipping sauce (including Marshall's personal favorite combination, cheddar fries with ranch, "A proud homage to my college years in Denton, TX," she says.), ice cream and RGB floats, cocktails on tap, and growler fills.

The spot will be all ages. "We can't wait to open up those large accordion windows and let the summer sun come in," Marshall says. Find more details on the space from our November article here.