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Kurt Farm Shop Hopes to Open Friday on Chophouse Row; Amandine Aims for Late June

The ice cream and cheese are coming.

Kurt Farm Shop
Kurt Farm Shop
Amy Sung

In the wildly anticipated new Chophouse Row coming to Capitol Hill (11th Ave. between E. Pike and E. Union), Kurt Timmermeister is one of the first business owners to confirm that a Friday, May 1, opening is (fingers crossed) on track for his Kurt Farm Shop.

The Vashon Island farmer tells Eater to expect a variety of small-batch ice cream flavors in his new city outpost, both classic (we may see strawberry, blackberry, and/or chocolate sorbet) and farm-style  think Jersey cream and Flora's Cheese flavors. Yes, you heard right: Ice cream and cheese. The shop will also stock six to eight varieties of fromage from Burton Hill Farm, Cascadia Creamery, Beecher's, and other favorite Western Washington/Puget Sound cheesemakers of Timmermeister's.

"The idea is that someone could come here and get everything they need to make a complete cheese plate," Timmermeister says.

Garden starters such as tomato plants and salad greens from Timmermeister's greenhouse will also be available, and he said he's hoping for some fresh cut flowers, too.

"I like some farm in the city," Timmermeister declares. "People need some farm in this area."

In other Chophouse restaurant news, Sara Naftaly (Le Gourmand) reports that her bakery Amandine (which will share a space with Ian Peters and Natural Israel's Empire Espresso) hopes to open by the end of June.

-Amy Sung