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Three Stars for Metropolitan Grill; Sebi's Feels Like Family

Eater reads the reviews so you don't have to.

Metropolitan Grill
Metropolitan Grill
Courtesy of Metropolitan Grill

In the past week, the city's restaurant critics have reviewed Metropolitan GrillSebi's Bistro, and Café Nordo. Here's a roundup of what they're saying:

Providence Cicero raves that Metropolitan Grill remains strong in cuisine and service after 30 years: "The prime porterhouse delivered everything I want from a steak: copious juices seeped from a warm, red (medium-rare) center, a hint of smoke clung to the charred exterior, and each bite delivered an assertive beefiness ... Waiters seem to read your mind. They can be doting, loquacious and engaging, but also know when to disappear." Three stars.

Angela Garbes finds the décor hideous and the lack of wild salmon inexcusable, but hails the warm atmosphere and solid cuisine: "[T]here's a lot to enjoy at Sebi's, namely kind and genuine service, a striking communal atmosphere, generous pours of Eastern European draft lagers, and huge portions of honest, home-style food ... The feeling of warmth and family at Sebi's reminds me of the meals I've had at PB Kitchen, which is open to the public at Capitol Hill's Polish Home Association every Friday night and Sunday afternoon. While I can't say that the food at Sebi's is as good as what you'll find there, it's still gratifying."

At Café Nordo's first production in its new Pioneer Square home (109 S Main ST) , Nicole Sprinkle finds the performance impressive but the food a flop: "[T]he cod is completely lacking in salt, the accompanying sherry watery. Almost all of the nine courses of "Midwestern Tapas" are, in fact, bland (save for a perfect little bite of ham on pecan/majon cheese brittle): the very thing Don Nordo is fighting against, which feels unforgivable. I wondered if perhaps this was meant to be ironic, though it seems doubtful given the price of the show."

Metropolitan Grill

820 2nd Avenue, , WA 98104 (206) 624-3287 Visit Website

Sebi's Bistro

3242 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102 (206) 420-2199