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Edith Macefield House Up For Sale; Expedia Travels to Seattle

Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.

The Edith Macefield House
The Edith Macefield House

RELOCATIONS -- Amgen announced it would close down operations at its 750,000 square-foot Interbay campus last July and now Expedia will take over residence there. The online retailer is moving roughty 3,000 employees out of Bellevue and into Seattle, changing the office space landscape of both areas. Curbed has more details this-a-way.

'UP' FOR SALE -- Following an auction that yielded no offers, the Edith Macefield House is now officially on the open market. The infamous Ballard 'Up' home does not have an asking price but all offers must include "a proposal illustrating how the buyer will honor and memorialize Edith Macefield." Check out the rest of the details as well as a look inside.

THE COMMUTE -- TomTom ranked Seattle as the 5th-most traffic-congested U.S. city in a report released this week. According to them, the best times to commute are Friday morning and Monday evening while the worst time to commute is Thursday afternoon. You've been warned.

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