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An Italian Restaurant Is Coming to Ballard Ave's Historic Pioneer Houses

The space dates back to the mid 1800s.

These Pioneer Houses will be serving Italian come fall.
These Pioneer Houses will be serving Italian come fall.
Historic Seattle

Two of Seattle's oldest still-existing residential properties will be infused with new life this fall as an Italian American restaurant in Ballard. The crew behind Percy's (Jeff Ofelt and Wade Weigel) and partner Tim Baker are busy converting the pair of adjoined century-old Pioneer Houses at 5341 Ballard Ave into a two story, 50-seat restaurant in what sounds like a very impressive buildout.

Per Seattle Met, expect a spiral staircase, open kitchen, banquette seating, wide plank floors, and a back bar area. "The house has character in spades," the Met writes, "right down to the plank walls that still bear the marks of a nineteenth century sawmill." Making the space restaurant ready is delicate work, as the buildings are owned by Historic Seattle and protected from major changes by Ballard Ave's historical district designation. Mallet has taken on the task.

Cuisine-wise, Percy's Derek May will be in charge (at both restaurants), and the Met reports: "Obviously menu details are subject to change this early on, but salads, pastas, gnocchi, risotto, beef and tuna carpaccio, and nightly braises like osso bucco and braciole will rule the dinner service. Lunch will be served at the kitchen counter (oh, how Ballard could use more weekday lunch) and offer a mix of pastas, salads, sandwiches, and the like. [Tim] Baker promises a great minestrone by day, and an equally great spaghetti Bolognese by night."

The still-unnamed restaurant is hoping for an October opening.

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