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It's Bao Time Taiwanese Food Truck Hits South Lake Union

The menu is inspired by a night market

Bao Time
Bao Time
Bao Time [Facebook]

It's Bao Time food truck will begin serving up steam buns and other classic Taiwanese night market fare this Wednesday, April 8, on South Lake Union. Expect a choice of three $4 steam buns to start: braised pork belly, deep-fried chicken cutlet, and sake-marinated king oyster mushroom. There's also a green onion pancake beef wrap ($6), a minced pork rice bowl ($8.50), and taro fries ($3) with either sesame or sriracha mayo on the menu.

Taiwanese-American chef-owner Sean Jen grew up in the U.S. and become passionate about Taiwanese food during a trip to the country in seventh grade. While he feels Din Tai Fung and Facing East have helped expand Taiwanese cuisine locally in recent years, Jen believes Bao Time offers something new: an experience evoking a Taiwanese night market.

"The portability of [food from a night market]...eating on the go, browsing through multiple vendors: that feeling is lost when you’re just sitting in a restaurant," Jen said.

It's Bao Time parks at 320 Harrison Street (near the corner of Westlake and Harrison) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. It will stay there Tuesday through Thursday, then move to 333 Boren Ave N (next to Amazon high rises) on Mondays and Fridays.

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