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Latona Pub Will Celebrate Earth Week with an Eco-Friendly Keg Delivery

The beer comes in by foot, by bike, and by boat

Latona Pub kegwalkers
Latona Pub kegwalkers
Latona Pub [Official Website]

For the fifth year, Latona Pub will honor Earth Week, April 13 to 25, by pouring exclusively from kegs delivered to their bar in an eco-friendly manner: by foot (with a hand truck or wheel barrel), by bike (and cart), or by boat (sailed from Anacortes & Bellingham, then walked). "The guiding force in our celebration is to raise the awareness of Mother Earth," states the pub's website. "Remembering how our actions can affect the planet, our goal is to help those organizations that work on these environmental issues, and to remind ourselves that we can individually do more to protect our cherished resources."

Major walks include a twelve-mile, keg-pushing trek from Odin Brewing to the Latona on Saturday, April 18; a mosey from Hales to the Latona on Monday, April 20; and a three-leg, keg-in-tow walk on Earth Day itself (Wednesday, April 22), from the Northgate Ram to Naked City to Latona Pub. Latona's Earth Week festivities will also include benefits for Washington Bikes and Washington Wild and Brewshed Alliance.

"The neighborhood pub has long been a gathering place for neighbors to discuss an array of topics from politics, the weather, and sports," the company website states. "At the Latona we strive to be a place not only to discuss the future of the planet, but also foster a discussion about the steps we can all take to affect change."

Latona Pub

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