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Gluten-Free Niche Bakery Coming to Capitol Hill; Pierogi Fest Tomorrow

Today's dose of vital food news.

Niche [Facebook]

CAPITOL HILL Niche, a gluten-free cafe and bakery, is preparing to open on 12th Avenue across from Seattle University. Pastry chef Toby Matasar, who worked for four years as a pastry chef for Tom Douglas, is behind the new shop. Capitol Hill Seattle has more details. [CHS]

CAPITOL HILL Get your pierogi stomach ready for the 10th annual Seattle Pierogi Fest on Saturday, put on by the Polish Home Association. It kicks off at 11:30 a.m. and runs til 4. [EaterWire]

GREENWOOD — PhinneyWood has reported on a new business called Locally Leavened Breads, which owner Greg Moring bakes in his backyard brick oven. He'll soon start selling them at local farmers markets and is currently doing so through a "bread share" program, "where customers can purchase shares for four or eight weeks, and receive a certain number of loaves every Wednesday afternoon." [PhinneyWood]