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Thai Restaurant Soi Coming to Capitol Hill in July

And it's popping up at Sitka and Spruce June 8 to test its menu.

Yuie Helseth, co-owner of the upcoming Soi
Yuie Helseth, co-owner of the upcoming Soi
Banyan Tree [Facebook]

Oh boy, 10th and Union. Right alongside Renee Erickson'still unnamed projects slated to open this summer, husband and wife restaurateurs Gabe Wiborg and Yuie Helseth (Banyan Tree in Kent) now announce they'll set up Thai restaurant Soi at the same corner hopefully by mid-July.

Capitol Hill Seattle has the scoop: "‘Though there is a focus on Isan-style food [a region in the northeast of Thailand],' Wiborg writes, ‘[Soi] will also provide an exploration through food of the five different regions of Thailand, with Nahm Khao Tod (crispy rice salad), Som Tum Isan (papaya salad), and Kor Moo Yahng (BBQ's pork collar) from Isan, Khao Soi (curry noodle soup) and Pad Ped Pla (stir fire cat fish in a non-coconut milk curry) from Chiang Mai in the North, Gai Yahng (BBQ'd chicken on an actual rotisserie), and Kor Moo Krob (crispy pork belly) from central Thailand.'" And fear not: cocktails are also coming.

As far as décor, expect 14-foot ceilings, an open kitchen, a large rounded bar area, a "dining theater" counter around the open kitchen, and more. To test Soi's menu, Wiborg and Helseth will also be popping up June 8 at Sitka and Spruce. See Capitol Hill Seattle's full coverage, including a floor plan of the new space, here, and stay tuned for more details on Soi's plans for its June pop-up and July brick and mortar debut.

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