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FlintCreek Cattle Co Will Be The New Greenwood Restaurant By RockCreek’s Owners

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The team hopes for a fall opening.

Home of the upcoming FlintCreek Cattle Co at 85th and Greenwood
Home of the upcoming FlintCreek Cattle Co at 85th and Greenwood
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Another Creek is coming. Several weeks ago, Eater shared the (joyous) news that RockCreek chef Eric Donnelly and his partner Christy Given were opening a new restaurant in Greenwood. Here now, the name of the new space will be FlintCreek Cattle Co, and the concept—from a pair so far known for their seafood—will be meat galore.

Per Seattle Met: "[At FlintCreek] Donnelly will focus on leaner proteins like buffalo, lamb, venison, and bison. ‘Interesting things that have a more friendly carbon footprint,' [Donnelly says].

"The name refers to a stream in Montana's Phillipsburg Valley that Donnelly, an avid fly fisherman, proclaims ‘a technical fisherman's wonderland.' It's actually not too far from the stream that inspired RockCreek;  Donnelly describes its surrounding hills filled with beautiful cattle pastures. He used to stand in that stream and watch actual cowboys driving the cattle on horseback."

The menu at FlintCreek will be arranged somewhat like RockCreek's, divided between large and small plates, featuring braised dishes, housemade pastas, and more. Donnelly plans to source proteins from smaller spots that don't inject their animals with hormones, and are mindful of their use of natural resources.

Décor-wise, Met reports that like RockCreek, FlintCreek will have an open kitchen and mezzanine, but will go with a classic exterior and modern interior. And also coming: wine, beer, and a full bar.

The owners are aiming for a fall opening at 85th and Greenwood in the old Antika furniture space.