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Former Paseo Owner Appears to Be Behind New Ballard Restaurant

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Has the mysterious Lorenzo Lorenzo surfaced?

This could be the site of a new restaurant by former Paseo owner Lorenzo Lorenzo.
This could be the site of a new restaurant by former Paseo owner Lorenzo Lorenzo.

Professional man of mystery Lorenzo Lorenzo, former owner of the beloved and embattled Paseo sandwich shop, is rumored to be behind a new venture in Ballard. Eater received a tip that the former site of the Lunchbox Laboratory and Burger Hero at 7302 15th Ave NW is undergoing some construction and is sporting a new pink paint job. Construction workers on site confirmed that the new restaurant is coming courtesy of Lorenzo Lorenzo.

A permit search reveals an electrical permit associated with an LLC called Un Bien. Further digging shows this company is affiliated with Un Bien Caribbean Foods, and the name Lucas Lorenzo, the former manager of Paseo.

Paseo closed its Fremont and Ballard locations suddenly in November, to the shock and horror of, it seemed, the entire universe. In September, former employees filed a lawsuit against the Paseo owners, claiming they denied mandatory rest and meal breaks, withheld overtime pay and other wages, and treated some employees differently based on race. The shops were then purchased and re-opened late last year.

UPDATED: Expect Cuban coffee, breakfast, and sandwiches five days a week from the new spot, which should be ready for customers in another week or two.

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