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Nue's Employees Foil Attempted Robbery

And it's all on video for posterity.

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Chris Cvetkovich

Yesterday at Capitol Hill's Nue, a woman allegedly tried to make off with a purse, cellphone, and keys to the restaurant. Here's what went down, according to Nue's Facebook page:

Last night a woman came into Nue, ordered a Coke and some food, sat around for a bit and then darted out with a stolen purse, cellphone, keys to the restaurant, our house and our car! A while later she returned to the 'scene' trying to figure out which car the key fob worked on in order to steal that too. Butterfingers accidentally hit the 'Alarm' button at which point our bartender and kitchen crew hopped off the line, chased her down for a tackle and a full recovery of the goods before the police arrived.

The cops asked if I had any video footage and just couldn't resist the urge to put together a 'case'. Lessons learned: 1: Stealing is wrong, 2: NEVER return to the scene and 3: Nue has some bad ass staff. Footnote: We never did get paid for the Coke.

And here's the video footage.

Sadly, there's no footage of the takedown, but the woman apparently tried to bite the bartender during the capture. Nue is earning a reputation for outstanding international street food, and now here's a foiled crime to hang their hats on, too.


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