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Tom Douglas’ Carlile Room Will Open July 1

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Three-course theatre menus, veggie and meat plates served family style... and the year 1968.

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

It's official. T-Doug will indeed name his newest restaurant after favorite singer Brandi Carlile, and it's set to open right across from the Paramount (9th and Pine) in less than two months. Expect three-course menus designed to get theatre-goers in and out easily before show time, as well as à la carte veggie dishes—"We're going all out on veggies," Douglas says—and meat plates meant to be shared family style. There will also be a cheese bar, appetizers aplenty, and a hearty dessert selection for post-theatre sweet cravings.

Within his empire of 18 (and counting) restaurants, Douglas says the Carlile Room will be most like Palace Kitchen in nature, set up so diners can come in and get a few appetizers and cocktails, or a full meal—whatever they're feeling.

And the décor and general ambiance?

"Nineteen-sixty eight," is what he has to say. It was the year when both Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were assassinated; the year when Apollo 8 was the first manned spacecraft to orbit the moon. Douglas points out it was also the time when the country was really starting to see a transition from Mad Men to Joan Baez and Bob Dylan.

How will this year manifest in a restaurant? We'll see in two months. The Carlile Room will open July 1 and hours will run from 11 a.m. to midnight daily. And surely the spot's namesake would like to make an early appearance...