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Un Bien Bringing Caribbean Sandwiches to Ballard

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It's owned by the family who started Paseo.

Un Bien [Facebook]

Last week, Eater reported on a new restaurant rumored to be owned by the former owner of Paseo, Lorenzo Lorenzo. This week, the family has surfaced to tell us we were sort of right in our rumormongering: The new restaurant, Un Bien, is owned by Lorenzo Lorenzo's sons, Julian and Lucas Lorenzo. Their father is officially retired, though he's been helping out around the restaurant.

The new spot is called Un Bien, and it's located at the former site of the Lunchbox Laboratory and Burger Hero at 7302 15th Ave NW. The restaurant has a new pink paint job, oddly reminiscent of Paseo even though the family claims the menu will be different. Expect Lorenzo family recipes for Caribbean sandwiches, fire-roasted corn, rice and bean bowls, and full plate entrees. There will also be Cuban toast, espresso, and Caribbean breakfast sandwiches added soon. And unlike the Paseo of old, Un Bien accepts plastic.

The staff is made up entirely of former employees of Paseo's Fremont and Ballard locations, the family says, despite a recent lawsuit that claimed Paseo's owners denied mandatory rest and meal breaks, withheld overtime pay and other wages, and treated some employees differently based on race. Apparently not everyone shared that sentiment.

Paseo closed both locations suddenly in November as the business filed for bankruptcy. The business was then sold, reopening under new ownership in December.

Un Bien opens on Wednesday and will start with lunch and dinner (from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.), later adding breakfast starting at 7 a.m.

Un Bien. 7302 15th Ave NW. (206) 588-2040.

Un Bien

7302.5 15th Avenue Northwest, , WA 98117 (206) 588-2040 Visit Website