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Peek Inside Salare, Opening in Ravenna on Friday

Edouardo Jordan's new restaurant is a looker.

Edouardo Jordan's Salare opens in Ravenna on Friday, and lucky you: Eater's here to help show it off.

Jordan (Bar Sajor, Herbfarm, Sitka & Spruce) will utilize "traditional cooking, primal techniques and preserving foods following ancient methods" and will draw inspiration from the American South, Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean. Expect house-made charcuterie, salumi, pickles, ferments, jams and jellies, fresh seafood, local meats, artisanal cheeses. Many ingredients will be sourced from local farms and foraged in the area.

Without further ado, here's Salare.


2404 Northeast 65th Street, , WA 98115 (206) 556-2192 Visit Website