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Perihelion Brewery Will Be Beacon Hill’s First

And it's coming with a growler fill station.

Les McAuliffe in front of the coming Perihelion Brewery
Les McAuliffe in front of the coming Perihelion Brewery
Courtesy of Les McAuliffe

Rejoice, Beacon Hill: you're getting a brewery. Les McAuliffe (longtime Beacon Hill resident and a former contractor) plans to open Perihelion Brewery in a former dentist's office (2800 16th Ave S), across from the Hilltop Red Apple grocery store and the Beacon Hill Light Rail Station. Seattle Beer News reports that McAuliffe will be head brewer and Hunter Jaworski will assist in the 1,100-square foot, kid-friendly space. The team hopes to have around ten taps—half standards, and half more experimental brews— as well as a sizeable patio out back and a small kitchen with "elevated pub food," potentially including smoked salmon and pork shoulders. And bonus: Perihelion will also be the first business in the neighborhood with a growler fill station.

Per Seattle Beer News, "The name "Perihelion" refers to the point in a planet's orbit when it is closest to the sun. McAuliffe, who is a long-time homebrewer of 20+ years, has made a homebrew by the same name for many years."

Look for the new brewery around October, and watch McAuliffe's Twitter for updates.