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Two New Prime Patios: Monsoon’s Roof Deck Debuts; Brimmer and Heeltap’s Expanded Patio (with Fire Pit) Open Tomorrow

And the forecast looks bright for Solstice Weekend.

Courtesy of Monsoon

Live it up, Seattle: local restaurant patios have been opening early left and right to help us do this 80-degree June right, and this week—with summer almost official—two more notables are jumping in the ring.

Beloved Vietnamese chefs Sophie and Eric Banh (Ba Bar) just topped off Capitol Hill's Monsoon with a rooftop patio that debuted Tuesday. Open daily from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m., the roof seats 25 for dinner and/or cocktails, and includes its own small bar that pours two draft beers, two draft cocktails by bar manager Jon Christiansen, and a selection of red, white, and rosé wines.

Brimmer and Heeltap's new studio space out back. Photo courtesy of Brimmer and Heeltap

Head north and Brimmer and Heeltap's expanded patio has just started seating diners, and its new fire pit will be roaring for the first time tomorrow.  Jen Doak's Ballard eatery has had a rear garden (which is now on the lower part of the larger patio, seating 12) since it opened early last year, but this weekend it's unveiling two new outdoor dining spaces: a covered upper patio with the aforementioned, praise be, fire pit (sits 8-10), and a recently renovated hundred-year-old studio building (sits 15-20; formerly a storage area during Le Gourmand's tenure).

The Brimmer and Heeltap patio doesn't take reservations yet, but those will come on OpenTable sometime next week, along with some finishing interior touches to the studio and the new outdoor bar there. Starting the last weekend in June, a back bartender will be on duty each Friday and Saturday to take care of outdoor diners and alleviate some pressure from the main bar inside. Stay tuned for more photos of the Brimmer and Heeltap patio when all it's totally complete next week. Hello, summer.


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Brimmer and Heeltap

425 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107 (206) 420-2534 Visit Website