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Sweet Tooth Cake Company Now Open

The new web-based company baking out of Capitol Hill brings 3D custom cakes and more.

Kate Sigel of Sweet Tooth Cake Company
Kate Sigel of Sweet Tooth Cake Company
Courtesy of Kate Sigel

In March, Eater brought news of the growing partnership between Huxley Wallace's Josh Henderson (Westward, Quality Athletics, and all of these upcoming restaurants) and one-to-watch Eric Rivera of Grant Achatz's world-renowned Chicago restaurant group. As promised, Rivera did indeed relocate to Seattle in early April to join the Huxley Wallace ranks, and with him came his fiancé, the prolific cake maker Kate Sigel, who just opened a business of her own called Sweet Tooth Cake Company.

Through the web-based Sweet Tooth, Sigel prepares 3D custom cakes to order out of a bakery on Capitol Hill. Originally launched as Kate's Cakes in Chicago, the business sprung from Sigel's interior design and baking background (she's an alum of Chicago's French Pastry School) several years back. Check out some of her designs here.

How it works: people contact Sigel online with how many guests their cake needs to feed, what flavors they are considering for the cake and filling (Sigel can also suggest flavors), and if they have any particular design in mind. Then the parties consult back and forth through email or phone until the concept is finalized.

"Sometimes people send actual photos of a typewriter and say can you make this; sometimes people send a theme and we come up with the design together. If it's for someone [and we're coming up with the theme together], I might ask what their favorite hobbies are, favorite colors, etc. Also, if they're not sure about what they want but have a vague idea, I'll ask for a few starting points and can just run with it," Sigel says.

After the concept is finalized, Sigel says to allow at least a week to complete a cake, and all orders are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Custom cakes begin at $150 and vary from there depending on size, flavor, and complexity of design.  All tiered cakes are priced based on number of servings, and display wedding cakes start at $6 per serving (sheet wedding cakes start at $4 per serving). Sigel is considering opening a storefront in the future, but for now operates solely on the web. Completed cakes are either picked up or delivered. Learn more and place orders on the company's site here.