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Hilliard's Releasing a Jameson Whiskey Barrel-Aged Sour

The beer is part of a collaboration program from the famous whiskey producer.

Renata Steiner

Hilliard's Beer is releasing a unique barrel-aged sour using Jameson Irish Whiskey barrels through a collaboration program between Jameson and five American breweries. Hillard's Todd Garrett and Adam Merkl visited the distillery in Ireland and returned home with five whiskey barrels for aging a limited release sour saison:

Hilliard’s Beer, Jameson Whiskey Barrel Sour
Color – Chestnut.
Aroma – Citrus, spiced wood, and a light sweetness.
Flavor – Kettle-soured Saison with tart, lemony notes from the Belgian yeast and lactobacillus. Flavors of caramel, vanilla and charred oak imparted by the barrels.
ABV – 5.5%

Look for the beer to make its debut at a party later this summer, date and time TBA.

Hilliard's Brewery

1550 NW 49th St, Seattle, WA 98107 (206) 915-3303 Visit Website