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Thai Curry Simple Owners To Open Shaved Ice Shop in the U District

Wann Yen is coming in July.

Marc and Picha Pinkaow
Marc and Picha Pinkaow
Ronald Holden

Longtime ID favorite Thai Curry Simple (lunch only) is going to open a second restaurant at 1313 NE 43rd St. in the U District next month, according to owners Marc and Picha Pinkaow. The new spot will feature Thai shaved ice desserts.

At a benefit pop-up over the weekend, Picha Pinkaow was showing off pictures of the build-out at the new spot, which once housed Jim's Cameras. Diners were treated to a preview of one of the ices, called Tub Tim Grob (literally "rubies in coconut milk"): pink water-chestnut shaved ice with fresh coconut and jackfruit.

The new shop will be called Wann Yen, which means "slow life" or "shaved ice" in Thai. Says Picha: "Our concept is to introduce Thai gourmet shaved ice with housemade flavors." Among them: candy-covered red dates, ruby sweet water chestnuts, sweet potato jam, toddy palm (similar to coconut), and Thai agar-agar jelly topping. Stay tuned for July opening updates.