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Seattle Rental Heatmap; New Tukwila Arena Renderings

Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest real estate news from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.

RENTAL HEATMAP -- The answer to the question "Where should I rent in Seattle?" is preceded these days buy "Can I rent in Seattle?" In honor of Renters Week, Curbed assembled the Seattle Rental Heatmap, with a building's "hotness" determined by how fast they've leased units, how much buzz they've gotten in the news, and/or how the amenities stack up against the competition.

THE AMA-ZONE -- Amazon recently launched their Prime Now service in Seattle and they've also secured a central location in Denny Triangle as their distribution center to make sure you can get that toothpaste you ordered ASAP. Check out the former Toyota dealership that'll be their new hub, incidentally right next door to all of the other new buildings they have planned for the neighborhood.

ARENAWIRE -- While Chris Hansen and Seattle scramble to get their SoDo arena plans approved, Ray Bartoszek's Tukwila plans have been running smoothly and may just become the eventual destination for NHL and NBA franchises. Curbed has a first-look at new renderings for the proposed 700K square-foot arena with 19,500-seating capacity.