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Jerry Traunfeld's Lionhead Aiming for Late July Opening

Expect 25 dishes with Sichuan influence

Poppy [Official Site]

Eater reported on a new project from Poppy owner Jerry Traunfeld back in December, and we have word that Traunfeld is aiming for an end-of-July opening. He's looking to complete the space's build out in two weeks and then take time to train staff and do trial runs. Lionhead will open next door to Poppy on Capitol Hill, in the former Confectional space.

"The menu will have about 25 Chinese dishes, some familiar and some not so familiar, focusing on Sichuanese flavors, freshness, and quality ingredients," Traunfeld says.

Diners can expect to see some familiar faces at Lionhead:

I am in the process of putting together my management team. Veronika Groth, who was behind the Poppy bar for over 5 years, will be returning as the bar manager for both Lionhead and Poppy. At Lionhead, she’ll be putting together a list that pairs the spicy, numbing, and fragrant flavors in the food with quenching cocktails that incorporate Chinese spices and complementary ingredients. She’ll be behind both bars a few nights each week.

Kyle Noyce will be become Executive Chef of both restaurants. Kyle has worked in the Poppy Kitchen on and off since we opened, becoming chef de cuisine last summer, and he has a particular interest in Asian Cuisines.  He has been working with me in the past months developing the Lionhead menu. He’s been putting out some amazing food at Poppy lately and he is really a chef to watch in Seattle. I will announce the Lionhead Chef de Cuisine soon.