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Eater Cheap Eats Week 2015 Starts Right This Very Second

From now until Friday roundabout 5 p.m., we're bringing the cheap.

Song Phang Kong pad thai
Song Phang Kong pad thai
Jay Friedman

Starting right now and ending, oh, around 5 p.m. Friday, Eater will be your headquarters for all foods cheap for this, our Eater Cheap Eats Week 2015.  There will be cheap eats recommendations galore from our team as well as chefs, plus photo galleries, Julia Wayne's adventures on eating well in Seattle on $15 a day, and much more. So, do come back here regularly throughout the week to check it out.

As a Cheap Eats Week bonus, we're also asking you to weigh in on your favorite cheap eats around town, by voting in a poll each day. We're squaring off best value food trucks one day, best cheap tacos another, best cheap drinks, and more, so check in each morning at 11 a.m., starting today, and give your favorites some love. You'll have until Friday at 11 a.m. to vote, when the winners will be announced.

Let the games begin, y'all.