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The 5 Point Café Wants to Put Pot on the Plate

Though it's a pipe dream at this point.

The 5 Point Cafe [Facebook]

At The 5 Point Cafe, there's talk of one day offering meals laced with marijuana. But for now, it's just talk.

"I think there would have to be a new kind of retail license," owner David Meinert told KOMO News.

But for now, the idea is just that -- an idea. As KOMO explained, Washington Initiative 502 legalized only pre-packaged marijuana and does not allow for on-site consumption.

Might Meinert be starting a movement? "I think we should start pushing the issue now. It's a real thing. Customers want it," Meinert said in the report. "If lawmakers don't do something about, I'll look into running an initiative like they are doing in Denver."

The 5 Point Cafe

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