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Little Uncle Has Big Plans for New Restaurant

Big Uncle will open a few steps from the current spot.

Little Uncle [Official Site]

Capitol Hill's walk-up Thai spot Little Uncle will soon have a new sibling restaurant, Big Uncle, in a new microhousing unit called Mad Flats just a few steps away from the current location at 1509 E Madison. Owners Wiley Frank and Poncharee Kounpungchart are planning to name their new spot Big Uncle given its relative size to the small counter they're currently operating. The duo closed their Pioneer Square spot in February and have been looking for a new location ever since.

According to Seattle Met:

It’s just 24 seats with counter service, and will be open for lunch and dinner. The menu, say the Franks, will gather their "growing repertoire of noodle dishes" all in one place.

Always on the menu: khao soi (curry egg noodles), dom yum wun sen (roasted pork cellophane noodles), guaydiouw nuea dun (braised beef rice noodles), and, of course, the signature phad thai. A cast of other appetizers, desserts, and such will evolve with the restaurant. Yep, there will be booze.

Frank and PK will continue to operate Little Uncle, though the focus there will shift to rice dishes like khao mun gai and rotating curries. Look for Big Uncle to be open by December.