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LA's Hurry Curry of Tokyo is Coming to Seattle

It's set to open in December.

Hurry Curry of Tokyo (LA restaurant pictured)
Hurry Curry of Tokyo (LA restaurant pictured)
Hurry Curry of Tokyo [Facebook]

Los Angeles will soon meet Seattle will meet Japan in Becky and Tay Yoshitani's Hurry Curry of Tokyo, coming to South Lake Union this December. The new 2600-square-foot, 80-seat restaurant at 825 Harrison St will be the Yoshitanis' second Hurry Curry, and over twice the size of their West LA branch, which opened in 1989. In this new location, we can expect outdoor seating and the same basic menu, Becky Yoshitani says, "but there will be tweaks to accommodate the SLU market." One example: the West LA location is all table service, but the SLU restaurant will have a fast, casual lunch. Like the LA eatery, the Seattle Hurry Curry will have Happy Hour specials and dinner service.

Beverage-wise, the SLU restaurant will serve beer and wine, with a focus on Japanese craft beer, sake, and sake-based drinks they call "saketinis". In addition to the usual American soft drinks, a range of Japanese canned and bottled beverages (Calpico, Ramune, UCC Coffee, and more) will be available, along with Japanese green tea and Japanese-style iced coffee.

The Yoshitanis describe the decor as a modern interpretation of a traditional Japanese theme, and the couple is actually already set up in Seattle because they've been living here several years. They originally came for Tay Yoshitani's work as the CEO of the Port of Seattle, and have decided to retire here and open another Hurry Curry. Members of the LA team will come up to help with training to prepare for the end of year opening. Keep an eye on the restaurant's Facebook page for updates.