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New App Enables Your Oyster-Slurping Habit

Pearl claims to be the "first-ever oyster discovery app."


Heads up, oyster nerds. A new app called Pearl is now available for the Seattle market, and it helps users find which varieties of raw oysters are available at participating restaurants.

The app shows which varieties of oysters are available on the half shell, as well as providing a flavor profile of each variety. Users can also save oysters they like and rate the varieties they've tried. If you're not already an oyster nerd, Pearl may well make one of you. There's also a happy hour component, so you'll be able to easily identify where to grab the discount of the moment.

The app currently works with 150 oyster farmers and restaurants in cities like New York, Boston, San Francisco, and Chicago. Locally, restaurants like Taylor Shellfish, Anchovies and Olives, and Coastal Kitchen are present, with more being added. The app is free to download.