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Madrona Eatery and Ale House Is Still Open Under New Ownership

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Madrona residents Peter and Adrianna Johnson have taken over.

Madrona Ale House
Madrona Ale House
Ronald Holden

Great news, Madrona: Madrona Eatery and Ale House lives. Last week, Eater reported that after 20 years, owner Burke Shethar was closing up the restaurant, but now he says that it is continuing under new owners: Peter Johnson and his wife Adrianna, who live in Madrona and own three other pubs around town: McGilvra's Bar & Pub in Madison Park, Finn McCool's in the University District, and The Chieftain on Capitol Hill. Ultimately, Madrona Eatery and Ale House never closed; no news yet on any menu or other changes.

Madrona Eatery & Ale House

1138 34th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 323-7807 Visit Website