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JarrBar Headed to Pike Place Market; Full Tilt Coming to Capitol Hill

More openings to look forward to.

Full Tilt [Facebook]

Two openings to look forward to for later this summer/early fall: JarrBar will open at Pike Place Market, and Full Tilt is coming to Capitol Hill's 15th Avenue.

Full Tilt looks to be opening first, with a due date of August 15 reported by Seattle Met. The company will place its fifth outpost at 501 15th Ave E, but don't expect scoops of ice cream at this location. Instead, they'll sell 10 flavors of ice cream bars and 10 styles of fruit ice pops called paletas. The new spot will also hold the company's largest collection of arcade games.

Down at Pike Place Market, Bryan Jarr (owner of the former Madison Park Conservatory) is planning to open Spanish- and Portuguese-influenced JarrBar near the Hillclimb on Western Avenue. The tiny space will be a low-key bar offering "cold salads, preserved seafood, and jamon and Spanish cheeses" as well as a few beers on tap, cocktails with infusions, Spanish wine, and sangria, reports Seattle Met. With Zoi Antonitsas (Westward) consulting on the menu, things are looking promising. The spot should be open at the end of September, though Jarr is looking to eventually move to the in-progress MarketFront expansion at Pike Place.