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Market-Style Food and Retail Hall Coming to South Lake Union with a Second Meat & Bread and More

Caffe Ladro, Juicy Cafe, and other businesses are also expanding to 400 Fairview.

400 Fairview
400 Fairview

Look out, South Lake Union: Come fall, a new market-style food, retail, and office space is on the way at 400 Fairview with eateries, beer and wine shops, a floral shop, and more—including a second location of the Vancouver favorite Meat & Bread. This Meat & Bread encore planned for late September comes just half a year after the mad popular Canadian chain debuted its first US store in Capitol Hill this April. Skanska is behind the buildout of the new hall dubbed 400 Fairview, which will also have Caffe Ladro (its ninth location in Seattle), Juicy Cafe (currently at the Columbia Tower and the Convention Center), and other restaurants yet to be announced (but rumor is, some are coming rooftop).

Expect high, open ceilings in the new small-scale shops, which Skanska says are designed to capture the spirit and energy of an open-air market. Check out this floor plan for an idea of scale, then how 400 Fairview is taking shape on its Facebook photos.

400 Fairview is Skanska's second office development project in Seattle; the team was also behind MiiR's flagship store at Fremont's Stone 34. Along with its culinary appeal, the new building will be the new headquarters of Tommy Bahama, Impinj and Car Toys/Wireless Advocates. Stay tuned for updates as Meat & Bread and other openings get closer.