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Art of Confections Replaces Erotic Bakery in Wallingford

They specialize in edible sculptures and custom cakes.

Art of Confections

Wallingford's bemusing Erotic Bakery closed in October after nearly 30 years in business, and a new, G-rated bakery has taken its place. Art of Confections opened in March under owner Shila Jansen, a 25-year baking veteran.

Jansen specializes in edible sculptures and custom cakes, and yes, she'll craft something X-rated if you ask nicely. "I don’t consider myself a cake decorator. I consider myself an artist. Cake is just one of my many mediums," says Jansen. She also bakes wedding cakes, cookies, and cupcakes, and her shop offers free wi-fi, coffee from Cafe Umbria and tea from Mad Hat Teas in Tacoma.

Jansen plans to expand her current menu with savory items, blended drinks, and treats for dogs. She is also planning to host events like live cake paintings and live music nights.