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Shilla Owner Accused of Kidnapping, Torturing Estranged Wife's Lover

File this one under “we can’t make this shit up”

Shilla [Facebook]

Shilla restaurant owner Scott Koh reportedly planned a super bizarre revenge plot against his estranged wife, according to King 5 news. On Wednesday, the Korean/Japanese restaurant's owner appeared in court after being accused of getting his workers to kidnap and torture a man.

The accusations state that Koh rounded up three of his employees to kidnap his estranged wife's man-friend, Chris McMonagle. McMonagle claims Koh's employees abducted him, then tased him repeatedly and beat him. He spent several days in the Harborview Medical Center before appearing in court on July 8 to tell his side of this insane story.

Koh's attorney invited a "gallery of supporters" to attend the hearing and try to lower the half-million dollar bail currently set. "We know he is a good person," the attorney said of the man who is accused of masterminding the whole charade.

Koh and his team of three Shilla employees pled not guilty, though the judge maintained the 500K bail order.

Think about that next time you want to complain about the quality of the banchan.

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