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Are Seattle's Tipless Restaurants Working for You?

Tell us your thoughts.

John Granen

Last week, Jerry Traunfeld opened Lionhead, a Szechuan-focused restaurant next to his renowned Poppy on Capitol Hill. And he instituted a tipless payment system there, following what seems to be a growing trend of restaurants doing away with tipping in favor of higher up-front wages for their restaurant staff.

Lionhead joins Renee Erickson's three restaurants and Ivar's Salmon House in eliminating tips and raising wages. For those two restaurants, it's also come with increased menu prices. At Erickson's restaurants, there's also now a 20% service charge added to all bills.

Now that multiple restaurants have done away with tipping, Eater is checking in with you, dear readers, to gauge your feelings on the matter. Cast your vote in our poll, and be sure to leave additional thoughts in the comments below.