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Columbia Center Sold; Bellingham House Comes With Ship

Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest real estate news from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.

NEIGHBORHOOD BEEFS The Pioneer Square Preservation Board voted 7-1 against an 11-story mixed-use tower at 316 Alaskan Way South. Then the city went ahead and approved the project anyway. Is this a case of even-handed deliberation or Seattle caving to the demands of a developer? Curbed digs into the details.

SOLD STUFF Columbia Center, the 76-story skyscraper that tops the Seattle skyline, was sold last week to Hong Kong-based Gaw Capital Partners for $711 million. It's considered the third-biggest real estate transaction in region history. The new owners plan renovations and some think this is just the beginning of an Asian financial influx of new high-rise owners around Puget Sound.

THAT'S RATHER STRANGE We're not sure what's more surprising about this Bellingham house. That the master bedroom sits inside an 18th century British Royal Navy ship replica or that, knowing that, it's only asking $425K. According to the owner, it's part of an actual reproduction of the HMS Endeavour, notable as Captain Cook's vessel. How exactly it ended up as the stern of this four-bedroom house remains unknown, at least to us.