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Soi Is Now Open on Capitol Hill

The 10th and Union restaurant serves dishes from northeastern Thailand.

Yuie Helseth Soi, co-owner of Soi
Yuie Helseth Soi, co-owner of Soi
Banyan Tree [Facebook]

Husband-and-wife team Gabe Wiborg and Yuie Helseth quietly opened Soi last week on Capitol Hill, reports Capitol Hill Seattle. The couple ars serving dishes from the Issan region of northeastern Thailand, according to the restaurant's website:

SOI is a return to Thailand--a departure from your normal expectations of Thai food in Seattle. Our idea is to return back to what it really like to eat in Thailand, with a focus on the raised plateau of the North East region called Issan. We believe that Seattle deserves better Thai food and that folks are tired with what the expectation are from typical Thai food in Seattle. We also believe that folks are yawing at white table cloths, but still expect top-not meals. We want to help educate our customers and will use the typical native names on the menu--though it may be hard for some, it is important to us.

Though there is a focus on Issan style food, we will also provide an exploration through food of the 5 different regions of Thailand, with Nahm Khao Tod (Crispy Rice Salad), Som Tum Issan(Papaya Salad), and Kor Moo Yahng (BBQ's pork collar) from Issan, Khao Soi (curry noodle soup) and Pad Ped Pla (stir-fired cat fish in a non-coconut milk curry) from Chiang Mai in the North, Gai Yahng (BBQ'd chicken on an actual rotisserie), and Kor Moo Krob (crispy pork belly) from central Thailand.

Here's a look at the dinner menu:


1400 10th Avenue, , WA 98122 (206) 556-4853 Visit Website