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Parchment Pop-Up Ends Run at Brimmer & Heeltap

Look for the pastries at the Ballard Farmers Market instead.

Laura Pyles
Laura Pyles
Suzi Pratt

Pastry chef Laura Pyles has been running her wildly popular Parchment pop-up out of Brimmer & Heeltap since last April, but she's moved on to other ventures as of this past weekend.

Pyles says she's teaching more classes at The Pantry and Culinary Essentials, so her method of "overnight, full-on blitzkrieg baking" the night before the pop-up was too exhausting to continue.

But that isn't the end of Parchment altogether; Pyles says she's been "setting up a smaller version of the bakery inside Culinary Essentials kitchen shop most Sundays during the Ballard Farmers Market. I've been doing it for the last three months or so on the Sundays opposite to the Brimmer pop-up and it has been a lot of fun over there," she says. "One of the other teachers, Kirke, sells Italian sausage and pepper heros and we're thinking about adding some more food options as we move into the fall and winter."

Pyles says the best way to keep up with Parchment is to follow the bakery's Facebook page.