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Italian Family Pizza Moving; Canlis Renovating Lounge Area

The pizzeria is headed to First and Marion.

Italian Family Pizza
Italian Family Pizza
Italian Family Pizza [Facebook]

The Seattle Times reported on several bits of delicious food news yesterday well worth passing on.

Italian Family Pizza to Relocate

One of Eater's favorite pizzerias is on the move. Steve Calozzi's Italian Family Pizza will leave First and Seneca and reopen down the street at the Exchange Building on First and Marion in Pioneer Square sometime next spring. The new location will be twice the size, which is perfect because Calozzi says the restaurant has seriously outgrown its current location.

Canlis to Renovate

Canlis has been busy. Not only has Seattle's premiere fine dining destination hired a new chef this year who has just launched a new tasting menu, but now Brian Canlis says the restaurant will overhaul its lounge and enlarge its bar this winter with local architect George Suyama. A second bartender will come with the upgrade, and a rooftop deck may also be on the way "not for guests, but for staff," Canlis told The Times, as " part of the Canlis initiative to be as great a place to work as it is to dine."

John Croce Dies

We'll end with the saddest piece: Pacific Food Importers' founder John Croce passed away on Sunday at 91 years old.  A fixture in Seattle, he was in the food business his whole life, working regularly until 89, and also started Big John's PFI retail store. Find his obituary here.

Italian Family Pizza

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