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The Most Anticipated New Restaurants in Portland; Anonymous Twitter Erotica Stars Top PDX Chefs

Welcome to CascadiaWire, a weekly collection of restaurant news from up-and-down the Pacific Northwest corridor.

Bit House Saloon
Bit House Saloon
Dina Avila

FALL TRACKING After this summer's onslaught of restaurant and bar openings, what could Portland's restaurants possibly throw at you this fall? Well, new projects by Ataula and Stray Dogs, to start, along with a huge food market downtown with nine restaurants inside. And like we said, that's just to start. Here are our most anticipated Portland 2015 fall restaurant openings.

FOOD EROTICA Ever pictured Gabriel Rucker sexily stirring polenta? What about Kurt Huffman holding a boudin blanc, or Cathy Whims wandering the night wearing lacy gloves of pepperoni with black-olive buttons? If so, there's something wrong with you, but fortunately, you're not alone... apparently.

SOUTHEAST Bit House Saloon opened with a staff of veteran Portland bartenders and perhaps the most ambitious bar program of 2015. To create it, Jesse Card teamed up with Robert Kowalski and Jayson Criswell, the men behind Lutz Tavern, Crow Bar, and Clinton Street Pub. Card previously co-owned a restaurant on Saint Croix and managed The Knock Back, and at Bit House Saloon, he's bringing rare and expensive spirits to the thirsty masses.