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Rachel's Ginger Beer Launching New Soft-Serve Flavors

Starting this week with caramelized pineapple RGB.

Rachel's Ginger Beer (Pike Place location)
Rachel's Ginger Beer (Pike Place location)
Rachel's Ginger Beer [Facebook]

Hoo boy, dessert fans: the good news keeps coming. Three weeks back, chocolatier Autumn Martin opened her new Capitol Hill Hot Cakes with soft-serve on the menu, alongside with her cult-followed molten chocolate delicacies. We also have Makini Howell's Sugar Plum debuting officially next month and already serving vegan treats on the Hill, and the city-wide Sweet Week set to kick off Monday, September 14.

Now this morning, word comes from Seattle Met that Rachel's Ginger Beer is also going big with soft-serve. Vanilla soft-serve has long been a favorite in RGB floats, but now soda maven Rachel Marshall is unrolling a lineup of new RGB soft-serve flavors, starting this past weekend with caramelized pineapple RGB. Per Met: "Flavors will rotate regularly, and Marshall has enough ideas up her sleeve to last quite a while. They've been testing a soft serve version of the company's beloved blood orange flavor, and Marshall also hopes that strawberry RGB—"the best one we've ever made," which never saw the light of day due to the berry's texture-ruining pectin content—could be a future flavor."

"There are already so many people in Seattle making awesome ice cream," Marshall told Met. "But I think soft serve is about to have a huge moment."

A RGB float with soft-serve; photo credit: Rachel's Ginger Beer [Facebook]