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Heartwood Provisions Opening Downtown This Year

The restaurant is under construction at First and Spring.

Amanda Reed and Varin Keokitvon
Amanda Reed and Varin Keokitvon
Suzi Pratt

New downtown restaurant Heartwood Provisions is currently under construction at First and Spring, with a target of opening in the coming fall or winter. The menu will focus on "artisanal offerings, seasonally inspired original cocktails, and unique food and beverage pairings" from Beverage Director Amanda Reed and Chef Varin Keokitvon (most recently head chef of retail operations at Farestart).

Reed, who recently ran RN74’s bar program, will create a signature cocktail menu of seasonally-inspired ingredients and housemade amari, syrups, tinctures, and shrubs. There will also be Northwest and old world wines, plus craft beer on tap and in the bottle.

The drinks have been selected/created to pair specifically with each of Chef Keokitvon's dishes. He's calling the menu "contemporary American," and showcasing seasonal ingredients. "My food philosophy is constantly evolving as I love to push a technique or new ingredient to recreate a classic and turn it into something new," says Keokitvon.