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Jason Wilson's Crush Will Shutter This Month

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And word is a new restaurant is coming.

Jason Wilson
Jason Wilson
Thomas Barwick

After a decade in business, chef Jason Wilson announced this morning that he and his wife Nicole will be shuttering Crush, reports Seattle Met. The American modern restaurant on Madison fetched Wilson a James Beard award in 2010 (Best Chef: Northwest), but the closing is not a complete surprise, as Crush was on the market for a while last year, several months after Wilson opened Miller's Guild.

The last night of service for Crush will be Friday, August 28, and it will still offer both its tasting menus and a la carte items until then. Plus, some good news: per Met, Wilson's team confirms rumors that sometime this year, it will announce a new restaurant on the way.


2319 E Madison Street, Seattle, WA 98112 206-302-7874