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Special Rent For Amazon Workers; Own Orcas Island Winery

Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest real estate news from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.

RENT CONTROL -- Is it fair that Craigslist is full of landlords and apartment complexes offering special deals specific to employees of companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google? In a city already imbalanced in terms of favoring high-income tech workers over affordable housing, this might not be illegal but it's certainly a symptom of a bigger problem facing Seattle.

CURBED MAPS -- According to the Seattle Department of Transportation there have been over 140 collisions between turning cars and pedestrians at intersections in the past three years. As part of Seattle's Vision Zero plan, which aims to eliminate the number of such accidents altogether by 2030, the city is eliminating right turns on red lights at ten critical downtown Seattle intersections by the end of the year. Curbed has all of the intersections mapped out.

ON THE MARKET -- Wine cellars are never big enough? Maybe you need to buy a winery and a vineyard, too. Orcas Island Winery is up for sale. They're asking $1,200,000, which gets you zero bedrooms and only a half bath. Evidently, the value is in the 15.7 acres, two of which are already in grapes with another six possible. Check out photos of the property here.