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Seattle's Best Instagrammers; Craigmuir Castle For Sale

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Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest real estate news from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.

EYE CANDY -- Since Instagram unveiled some new features recently, now would be a great time to refresh your following list. Behold: Curbed Seattle's list of our 20 favorite local Instagrammers serving up the best in architecture, food, design, art and general visual deliciousness.

LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! -- It's no secret that Seattle is almost always played by Vancouver in movies and TV shows. But if you've ever wondered how they do it, or more to the point how they can usually fool you until you see the Space Needle in a weird place it's not supposed to be, the latest episode of Every Frame a Painting provides some clear examples of local buildings and landmarks that you've seen in a million pieces of pop culture and how they become everything from dystopian Chicago to present-day Vancouver, WA.

HISTORIC HOMES -- Wenatchee is more than apples. It's also the home for Craigmuir Castle, a 1928, 6 bedroom, 4.75 bath, 10,000 square foot block of European luxury built from local granite. The European-style home built by the Muir family in 1928 just hit the market asking $2.35 million. Curbed Seattle has pics of this classic and its spiral staircase out in Chelan County.