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400 Fairview
400 Fairview
400 Fairview [Facebook]

Two months ago, Eater reported that South Lake Union was getting a market-style food and retail hall dubbed 400 Fairview which would house the city's second Meat & Bread, a Juicy Cafe, a Caffe Ladro, and more restaurants yet to be announced. Now comes word from Seattle Met that on that roster will be—hoo boyrooftop restaurant mBar by mamnoon's Wassef and Racha Haroun.

Per Met: "mBar doesn't open until spring 2016 so details are still evolving, but we do know that the menu will be Mediterranean influenced, plates will be a mix of large and small, and there will be what sounds like an amazing 100-seat patio, complete with glass railings so as not to obstruct the view. (Also, you can keep an eye on I-5 traffic and decide whether to stick around for one more drink.)

"Until then, mBar will operate a kiosk on the market's main floor, starting this winter. Menu TBD."

Mamnoon has seen a slew of staff shuffles in the past few months, including the move of the restaurant's original executive chef Garrett Melkonian to "creative culinary development," and the hiring of Jason Stratton as GM, then executive chef. As now executive chef for the company, Stratton will also have a hand in mBar, writes Met.

Alongside new mBar, Meat & Bread, Juicy Cafe, and Ladro, Met also reports that Bar Harbor, "a new wine and craft beer spot inspired by the Atlantic coast," is coming to 400 Fairview by local wine expert Ben Hodgetts. Not all the stalls are claimed in the new market hall yet, but those that have been announced plan to open sometime around the holidays (Meat & Bread in November). Continue to watch the 400 Fairview Facebook page, and of course return right here, for updates.