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Zach Chambers IN as Executive Chef at Chop Shop

He'll also continue running Atta Boy Sandwiches out of Bar Sue.

Chop Shop
Chop Shop
Suzi Pratt

It's been over two months since Ericka Burke's new Chop Shop debuted on Capitol Hill's Chophouse Row, and now comes word of new culinary talent at the top. Zach Chambers, who has most recently been running Atta Boy Sandwiches out of Bar Sue and previously cooked at Anchovies and Olives, is the restaurant's new executive chef.

To begin, Chambers will be familiarizing himself with the Chop Shop landscape, with plans to "jump in fully later on in the fall with the launch of the new season's menu," a release states this morning. He and Burke have already been working together on new plates, and in the next few months, they say we can except to see crudos and fall-inspired veggie dishes as well as a rotating section of chops on the menu, including family-style, bone-in rib eyes; large braised shanks; veal chops; whole grilled fish; and more.

Chambers will continue on with Atta Boy, splitting his time between the sandwich spot and Chop Shop, where he'll be visible in the open kitchen later this fall.

Chop Shop Cafe & Bar

1424 11th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 535-8541