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Seven New Restaurants Are Coming to South Lake Union's Ninth Avenue Corridor

Vulcan Real Estate is behind the move.

Phase VI building
Phase VI building
Benjamin Benschneider Photography

Vulcan Real Estate is bringing a crapton of new restaurant tenants to South Lake Union's 9th Avenue. And by crapton, we mean seven, and there are some big names involved. Here's a rundown:

Ethan Stowell is opening his third pizza restaurant in the Amazon Phase VI building, and it will bear the name Ballard Pizza Company. Look for it to open in early 2016 with whole pies, slices, wine, and beer. Delivery will be available between the bounds of Fairview, Dexter, Denny, and Mercer streets.

Joining Stowell in the Amazon Phase VI building is Josh Henderson, who will unleash three restaurants in March 2016. These include Poulet Galore, a rotisserie chicken takeout window; Vestal, set to be a showcase of Henderson's cooking, with "a vast chefs counter surrounding a coal-fired hearth;" and Cantine Bottle Shop and Bar, "a beer-focused bar with space to drink and snack on items such as rotisserie chicken, pressed sandwiches, pickles, charcuterie, a variety of cheeses, and more." Henderson will also have a commissary kitchen in the building to support his apparent take-over of Seattle.

With a projected opening of this month, Eltana Wood-Fired Bagel Cafe will open its fourth location at 9th and Thomas. Expect a menu similar to that of the Capitol Hill and Stone Way restaurants, plus more coffee options and a larger lunch menu.

Hurry Curry of Tokyo will debut in December at the corner of 9th and Harrison. Eater broke the news of the LA-based restaurant coming to 825 Harrison St. It will be the second location for the restaurant and twice the size of the California original. Look for lunch, dinner, and happy hour menus with beverage lists involving Japanese beer, sake, and sake-based cocktails.

And in January, Sam's Tavern will open its second location at 9th and Harrison. Expect similarities with the Capitol Hill location: burgers, bottomless fries, $1 Rainiers, and those monstrous bloody Marys.