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Monica Dimas's Tortas Condesa To Open Tomorrow

Complete with a dance party at Montana.

Montana will host Tortas Condesa's launch party tomorrow night
Montana will host Tortas Condesa's launch party tomorrow night
Montana [Facebook]

The tortas are on, Capitol Hill. In July we learned that Monica Dimas of Nacho Borracho's beloved perma-pop-up Neon Taco would take over Kedai Makan's former window at 1510 E Olive Way sometime this month. (ICYMI: Kedai Makan now has a spiffy new brick and mortar in the La Bete and Spaghetti Western space at 1802 Bellevue Avenue.) It turns out Dimas is right on schedule: Her new Tortas Condesa will debut tomorrow night, reports Seattle Met.

Per Met: "The name is a tribute to Condesa, one of Dimas's favorite districts of Mexico City," and there will be no tacos this go-around; it's all Mexican torta sandwiches. There will be a rotation of around six tortas, including a bison beef, sloppy joe-like "Montana," named for the bar down the street where Tortas Condesa patrons can order their sandwiches and sit, just like in the Kedai Makan days. Ice cream sandwiches are also in the mix.

Montana is hosting a Dancing with Tortas launch party for the new space tomorrow, kicking off at 8 p.m. No word yet on the exact hours for new Tortas Condesa, but they will be similar to Montana's, and Met says to watch the Neon Taco Facebook page for updates.

Tortas Condesa

1510 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98122 (323) 577-3045