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The Eater Seattle Heatmap Archive

Old Heatmap entries, saved for posterity.

We've made a slight change to the physical way in which we update our monthly Heatmap, a collection of 12 of the current hottest dining spots less than six months old. Instead of creating a brand new map that combines some old information with some new information, we're simply updating the existing map at the same permalink. This means that in the past, there was an archive of every previous Heatmap, but going forward, deleted map points will simply vanish forever.

As such, I'll be keeping an archive of retired map points here. Each restaurant (and its description from the last time it appeared on the map) is listed under the month when it ceased to appear on the Heatmap, retired to make way for newer spots.

From now on, the most current Heatmap will always be found right here.

Retired in October 2015

Gnocchi Bar: Lisa Nakamura's much anticipated homemade pasta-like dumplings come in both potato and polenta varieties, with optional add-ons bacon, roasted garlic, white truffle oil and more.

Retired in September 2015

Hotel AlbatrossThe team behind neighboring Ocho and Hazelwood pack fun and flavor with their take on eclectic street food at this new Ballard locale, which includes tortas, tamales, and totchos from their Sexy Alley Puffy Taco Window and "Bearded Clam" oyster nights.

Meat and BreadVancouver's wildly popular sandwich chain has finally shared some love with Seattle and now we get the hype. The famous porchetta with salsa verde and its meatball sandwich, both served daily, are great bets, or get adventurous with the daily special. Plus: cans of Rainier go for just $1.50 here, Parfait has fixed up a special ice cream sandwich with caramel bourbon sauce and brownie only available on our side of the border.

Retired in August 2015

NueNamed for a Japanese mythological beast, Nue is a street food gastropub not to be missed. After visiting more than 50 countries, first time restaurateur Chris Cvetkovich composed a menu with cuisine from Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, South Africa, Hungary and more--and he even throws in liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Omega Ouzeri: This restaurant from Vios owner Thomas Soukakos serves Greek small plates and ouzo, an anise-flavored apertif popular in Greece. Omega joins a hopping block of Capitol Hill spots, with just-opened Nue next door.