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New Campaign to Declare Building Next To Shorty's Historic & Stop Slated Development

The next step: show support at a public meeting October 7.

The block where the development is pending
The block where the development is pending
Ronald Holden

On Tuesday, Eater got word from Puget Sound Business Journal that there were plans to put a 124-apartment building on the site that currently houses Shorty's, Rocco's, and Tula's Restaurant and Jazz Club on Second Ave in Belltown. The news has been a huge blow for the city, but loads of supporters for these businesses spoke out at a preservation board meeting on Wednesday, and there is hope. The Wayne Apartments building next to Shorty's has officially been nominated for landmark status, reports Seattleish, and if it gets it, that "could scuttle the entire land deal in question," says Crosscut.

Per Seattleish: "The nomination [for landmark status] was unanimously accepted by the board [at the Wednesday meeting], which is a very good sign - so good, in fact, there was a small, impromptu parade in Belltown to celebrate ... However, there are several more steps the Wayne will have to go through if it is preserved, and even then, that doesn't mean the building will stay exactly the same - or that Shorty's will be safe ... The next step is for the board to establish whether or not the building meets the standards of a landmark." Find that list of five standards under the city code and more background on the process in the full Seattleish post.

The next step for supporters is to attend another public meeting on October 7 at 3:30pm in Room 4060 (40th Floor) of the Seattle Municipal Tower, 700 5th Avenue, where all  are invited to voice their opinions as to why they think this plot is important to preserve. According to Seattleish, the stakes are high, because "'if the Board does not designate the property [at this time], the proceedings terminate and the property cannot be considered for designation for five years, except at the request of the owner.'"

Crosscut headed over to Shorty's to ask what's at stake for four regulars if the beloved "clown-themed drinking establishment" is lost. What's at stake for you? Shout out in the comments below.


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